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We are striving to create original, technically perfect, excellently designed, and user- and environment-friendly products.

Our focus is on increasing customer satisfaction, while generating added value for owners and employees in a socially responsible way.

Our history

INDOP was established in 2007 as part of Gorenje Group with more than 70 years business tradition. Since 2018 Gorenje Group is part of Hisense Group with more than 27,2 billion USD revenue. Hisense group is paying a lot of attention to local sales management in all markets, with strong background support in the global presence and power of the technological giant. 

Over the years INDOP successfully positioned itself as high quality, technologically sophisticated and customer-oriented company.


To become the most original and technically innovative manufacturer of CHP units in Europe.

Company milestones

2007 - NOW



Established by Gorenje group for military production of 8x8 vehicles


Leveling up the development of 50 kWe CHP units

Domestic market

First large CHP unit sold on domestic market

Macro CHP

First 4 MW CHP unit installed in maintained in Slovenia

Micro CHP

Start of developing Micro CHP units under 50kWe (6-20 kWe)

Enetring EU market

Partnering with EU companies for installing CHP units

Germany Subsidiary

Establishment of Germany Subsidiary (Indop Gorenje GmbH)


Acquired certificate for Micro CHP units for Germany, Belgium and UK


Acquired certificate for Micro CHP units for Italy and Northern Ireland and Macro CHP units for Belgium

Company activities

The Company’s activity includes the development, production and maintenance of heat and power cogenerating units (CHP), in the power range of 6 kWe to 20 kWe (micro CHP units), and in the power range class of 50 kWe to 550 kWe (macro CHP units). The project over 550 kWe power, however, are completely custom-designed and adapted exclusively to the customer’s wishes and needs.

In addition to products, we provide customers also with maintenance services, spare parts, technical counselling, and execution engineering, so-called „Turn-key execution“. Working with partners, we can arrange also project funding for customers.


Company ISO Certificates

We, employees of the Indop, committed ourselves that all of us, each in their own field, and together, will realise and improve our system of work. This is the way we will contribute to efficient operations, which has a broader social significance. As a result of desire for even better performance and higher quality of our products and services, we have our business system organised in line with the requirements of specific systems.

We established, documented, implemented and maintained the following systems in Indop:

Quality control incorporated into every step of the process

In order to achieve the highest quality of assembled products in Indop, we complete the so-called Quality Control Folder for each and every product, where we individually record the most important installed components and assemblies, while the adequacy and completion of each stage in product assembling is ensured by a signature of the worker. The Report on Product Testing is an integral part of the Folder, where the product’s features and functionality are recorded, its sealing and stop are checked, measurements of emissions and temperature and electrical measurements are carried out, and compliance of operating parameters with the prescribed values is verified. 

The completed Quality Control Folder, together with the Report on Product Testing is a control document for each product, without which the product cannot be shipped out.

In Indop, we constantly improve the effectiveness of our system by setting up appropriate quality policy and objectives, through analysing internal audit results and internal quality control, through management reviews, and by implementing corrective and preventive actions.

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INDOP - product certificates

Indop products are produced in accordance with several European grid code requirements. Each product range has gone through extremely demanding and rigorous tests, all performed by a certified laboratory in Munich and/or in Italy.

Our products all successfully passed the certification process and Indop CHP units have acquired following certificates:

  • Germany: 
    • BAFA certificate (INDOP micro CHP units)
    • VDE 4105:2018 certificate (INDOP micro CHP units)
  • United Kingdom (England and Scotland?)
    • Certification according to G99 (INDOP CHP micro / INDOP macro CHP units)
    • Certification according to G98 (INDOP micro CHP units)
  • Northern Ireland
    • Certification according to G99NI (INDOP micro CHP units)
    • Certification according to G98NI (INDOP micro CHP units)
  • Belgium
    • C10/11 (INDOP micro CHP units)
    • C10/11 (INDOP macro CHP units)
  • Italy
    • CEI0-21, CEI0-16 (INDOP micro CHP units)


We are located in Slovenia, in the heart of Europe.

Indop, projektiranje, proizvodnja in trženje industrijske opreme, d. o. o.​

Primorska cesta 6 a, 3325 Šoštanj
Phone: +386 (0)3 899 22 15
Fax: +386 (0)3 899 24 27
E-mail: info@indop.eu

Tax number: SI68067682
Registration number: 2290316
Bank Account: SI56 0292 2025 6359 064 (NLB, d. d.)

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