Nursing homes

By investing in environmentally friendly and sustainable technologies like CHP, nursing homes can enhance their reputation within the community and among residents and their families.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable CHP technologies


CHP systems can be tailored to the energy needs of the nursing home, ensuring that the system adequately addresses the facility’s unique energy demands and usage patterns.

Installing a CHP system in a nursing home enhances operational reliability, reduces energy expenses, and contributes to a comfortable and safe living environment for residents.


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Benefits of instaling a CHP unit

for investor and for environment

Investing in a CHP unit not only reduces energy bills by 40%, but also benefits the environment by reducing carbon emissions and improving air quality. It produces both heat and electricity, making it more efficient than traditional power plants, and can be installed in remote areas as a stand-alone system.
Reducing costs
As it produces both heat and electricity from a single fuel source! 40%
Increased Efficiency
More efficient than traditional power plants! 80%
Save the environment
Heat capture and reduces energy waste. 60%

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