Swimming pools

CHP units find wide usage in swimming pools due to their ability to efficiently generate both heat and electricity. In essence, CHP technology's ability to provide efficient, cost-effective, and reliable heat and power makes it a highly beneficial solution for swimming pools, where the simultaneous demand for both is constant and substantial.

How CHP technology benefits swimming pools

Energy Efficiency: Swimming pools require both heating for the water and electricity for various systems. CHP units utilize the heat generated during electricity production, which would otherwise be wasted in traditional power generation, to heat the pool water. This dual-use of energy significantly improves overall energy efficiency.

Cost Savings: By producing electricity on-site and using the waste heat for pool heating, CHP systems can substantially lower energy costs for pool operators. 

Continuous Operation: Swimming pools often need a consistent supply of heat and electricity. CHP units operate independently of the grid, ensuring uninterrupted heating and power even during power outages, enhancing the reliability of the pool’s operation.

Environmental Benefits: CHP technology reduces the reliance on conventional power sources, decreasing greenhouse gas emissions and pollution. This aligns with sustainable practices and environmental regulations, making CHP-equipped pools more environmentally friendly.

Customization: CHP systems can be designed to meet the specific energy demands of different-sized pools and facilities, making them versatile and adaptable solutions for a variety of swimming pool settings.


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Benefits of instaling a CHP unit

for investor and for environment

Investing in a CHP unit not only reduces energy bills by 40%, but also benefits the environment by reducing carbon emissions and improving air quality. It produces both heat and electricity, making it more efficient than traditional power plants, and can be installed in remote areas as a stand-alone system.
Reducing costs
As it produces both heat and electricity from a single fuel source! 40%
Increased Efficiency
More efficient than traditional power plants! 80%
Save the environment
Heat capture and reduces energy waste. 60%

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