INDOP Micro CHP units

Micro units generate electrical energy and heat in smaller facilities. The special “all in one” design and the user-friendly interface assures the end consumers easy installation and simple usage of the CHP.

INDOP Macro CHP units

Indop CHP macro units are produced in several power ranges that can cover your energy demand up to 530 kWe. Using proven, well-known components we can assure highest outcome and long-term stability. The Indop CHP macro units are designed to be fuel flexible. This means that they can be adapted to run on a variety of fuels such as natural gas, biogas and LPG.

INDOP Remote Monitoring System

The Indop Remote Monitoring System is a comprehensive solution for constant control of the INDOP CHP unit. It provides daily monitoring of unit parameters and illimitations of irregularities before they become significant issues. It also includes an automatic notification system to alert operators to potential problems, an operation analysis to provide insights into optimal performance and an automatic reporting system to generate reports to stakeholders.


Regular maintenance is crucial for smooth operation. Only trained Indop-approved technicians can perform services during the warranty period. Warranty lasts 8,000 hours or 2 years. Our service technicians are highly qualified experts who provide a fast and high-quality service every day of the year. In addition, they are officially trained and certified to service engines of the following manufacturers: MAN, JENBACHER, TOYOTA, MWM, TEDOM and LIEBHERR.