INDOP Macro CHP units

Indop CHP macro units are produced in several power ranges that can cover your energy demand up to 530 kWe. Using proven, well-known components we can assure highest outcome and long-term stability. The Indop CHP macro units are designed to be fuel flexible. This means that they can be adapted to run on a variety of fuels such as natural gas, biogas and LPG.

Environmental friendly

With an efficient heat recovery system and an advanced control system, the Indop CHP macro units are capable of reducing energy costs and CO2 emissions. The units are powered by natural gas or biogas, both of which are low-carbon fuels, and feature advanced filtration systems to reduce air pollution. The units are also designed to capture energy from exhaust gases, which is then used to generate electricity and heat. This helps to reduce the amount of energy wasted, resulting in greater energy efficiency.

The Indop CHP macro units are equipped with safety features like over temperature protection, pressure relief systems and automatic shut down system. Indop CHP macro units have successfully obtained several Grid Code certificates and can be installed throught the european market. These certificates demonstrate that the units meet the required rigoroz technical and operational standards. The certificates also certify that the units are highly efficient and reliable, and can be used to provide a reliable source of electricity and heat.

Indop CHP macro units are designed with reliable Siemens CPUs and own developed software systems to ensure high performance and customer satisfaction. The Siemens CPUs provide the units with advanced control and monitoring capabilities, while the software systems help to ensure that the units are running efficiently and safely. The advanced software systems are designed to provide real-time performance data, allowing customers to monitor the performance of their CHP units. The combination of Siemens CPUs and own developed software systems helps to ensure that Indop CHP macro units provide reliable and efficient energy generation.

Indop CHP macro units are designed for long-term stability and reliability. The units are designed with features such as advanced filtration systems and corrosion-resistant materials to ensure that they remain operational for many years. The units are also designed with safety features such as automatic shut-off systems and high-temperature alarms to help prevent accidents. The units also feature advanced monitoring system (IRMS Indop Remote Monitoring System) to help ensure that they are running efficiently and safely.

Technical highlights

INDOP macro CHP units function parallel to the grid using starting transformer and converter AC to DC to assure higher reliability of operation with no maintenance costs.

Catalogue download

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Benefits of instaling a CHP unit

for investor and for environment

Investing in a CHP unit not only reduces energy bills by 40%, but also benefits the environment by reducing carbon emissions and improving air quality. It produces both heat and electricity, making it more efficient than traditional power plants, and can be installed in remote areas as a stand-alone system.
Reducing costs
As it produces both heat and electricity from a single fuel source! 40%
Increased Efficiency
More efficient than traditional power plants! 80%
Save the environment
Heat capture and reduces energy waste. 60%

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