INDOP Micro CHP units

Micro units generate electrical energy and heat in smaller facilities. The special “all in one” design and the user-friendly interface assures the end consumers easy installation and simple usage of the CHP.

Indop's Efficient Micro CHP Units

Indop micro CHP units in four different sizes, with a rated power of 6, 9, 15 and 20 kW and a rated heat output of 13, 20, 34 and 42 kW, will provide you with significant savings. 

With its exceptional energy efficiency, these units are classified in the highest energy class.
Thanks to their flexible design, the units can operate combined with one another, connected into the system according to the customer’s needs and desires.
For example, three INDOP20TO units can meet the demand for electric energy within the range of 15 to 60 kW, while simultaneously meeting the need for thermal energy of 35 to 130 kW.

The Indop micro CHP series has several modes of operation aimed at providing the best efficiency, and improving the customer experience.
The Indop micro CHP units, which operate with the Indop electrical control system (IERS) and Indop thermal control system (ITRS), often provide the highest possible efficiency while protecting the environment.

With 45 dB(A), our micro 6 kWe unit is the quietest one on the market, and it drowns birds singing by only 1 dB(A).

When it comes to installation options, the units of the Indop micro CHP series are very versatile. Actually, you can install them into your system in almost every way you can imagine. Up to 5 units can be installed in a cascade to allow a flexible and optimized performance depending on current heat demand on location.

Technical highlights

INDOP micro CHP units offer cost-effective installation, a user-friendly interface, and maintenance scheduling every 24 months, thanks to their comprehensive all-in-one design.

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Benefits of instaling a CHP unit

for investor and for environment

Investing in a CHP unit not only reduces energy bills by 40%, but also benefits the environment by reducing carbon emissions and improving air quality. It produces both heat and electricity, making it more efficient than traditional power plants, and can be installed in remote areas as a stand-alone system.
Reducing costs
As it produces both heat and electricity from a single fuel source! 40%
Increased Efficiency
More efficient than traditional power plants! 80%
Save the environment
Heat capture and reduces energy waste. 60%

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