Regular maintenance is crucial for smooth operation. Only trained Indop-approved technicians can perform services during the warranty period. Warranty lasts 8,000 hours or 2 years. Our service technicians are highly qualified experts who provide a fast and high-quality service every day of the year. In addition, they are officially trained and certified to service engines of the following manufacturers: MAN, JENBACHER, TOYOTA, MWM, TEDOM and LIEBHERR.

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We use the latest technologies to ensure that Indop CHP units are as efficient as possible and that they meet the highest standards. Our team of engineers and technicians are always working to develop new and improved solutions for our customers.

Maintenance FAQ

Regular maintenance is essential to keeping your CHP unit running smoothly.

Depending on the type of CHP unit and the conditions in which it operates, the regular maintenance is done according to Maintenance Schedule. This outlines the specific tasks that need to be performed on a CHP unit and when they should be done. It includes the frequency and list of tasks, as well as any special maintenance that may be required due to environmental conditions or other factors. 

During warranty period only technically skilled personnel that is approved by Indop can perform services on the units.

All Indop Partners are regularly trained and certified to ensure that the CHP units are serviced properly and safely. Technical trainings are important for anyone who works with a CHP unit. They can help ensure that technicians know how to properly operate and maintain the unit, as well as troubleshoot any problems that may arise.

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Warranty period of a CHP running on natural gas is 8.000 operating hours or 2 years after delivery from Indop warehouse, depends on what happens first. Each produced CHP unit has a unique serial number, written on the plate at the back of the CHP. According to the serial number, the starting date of the warranty period is defined.

Indop Partners across Europe and Indop team provides technical support in the form of phone calls, email addresses, and online resources. Technical support can help you troubleshoot any issues you may have with your CHP unit and answer any questions you may have about its operation. 

Contact our after sales team for support.

Maintainnace & Support

After sales team can help you troubleshoot issues you may have with your CHP unit and answer any questions you may have about its operation. 

Indop partners is a wide distribution network throughout the European countries that is based on a successful long-term cooperation.


Sašo Veternik (electrical support)
P: +386 3 899 18 39
M: +386 31 753 417


Andraž Funkl (mechanical support)
P: +386 3 899 18 35
M: +386 31 670 617

Benefits of instaling a CHP unit

for investor and for environment

Investing in a CHP unit not only reduces energy bills by 40%, but also benefits the environment by reducing carbon emissions and improving air quality. It produces both heat and electricity, making it more efficient than traditional power plants, and can be installed in remote areas as a stand-alone system.
Reducing costs
As it produces both heat and electricity from a single fuel source! 40%
Increased Efficiency
More efficient than traditional power plants! 80%
Save the environment
Heat capture and reduces energy waste. 60%

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