Environmental responsibility is incorporated into company processes on all levels. Our R&D team is constantly improving our products and testing new components. Newest preliminary internal tests showed excellent results in lowering the emission lever up to 50% with our micro range CHP units.


CHP technology is known for its potential to generate both heat and electricity simultaneously, making it an efficient and sustainable energy solution. However, concerns about emissions during operation have been a key consideration. By optimizing the emissions after treatment process, INDOP R&D team has managed to address this concern effectively.

Environmental Responsibility: The Driving Force Behind Our Development

The reduction in CO (carbon monoxide) and Nox (nitrogen oxide) levels by up to 50% is impressive and indicates that INDOP micro CHP units can operate at a significantly lower environmental impact compared to previous versions. This improvement will not only benefit the environment but also contribute to the overall health and well-being of individuals who interact with our products.

By incorporating environmental responsibility into our company processes and continuously improving our products, we are taking an important step towards carbon neutrality and helping to protect our planet.

Congratulations to our R&D team for their dedication and innovation in achieving these positive results. As we continue to refine and enhance INDOP CHP units, we are making a valuable contribution to a greener future and inspiring others in the industry to follow suit.